Review: Naomi Kova

TER ID: 271585

Posted: November, 2015 by DUCINAGER

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Naomi was very easy to get in touch with. She does screen. And of course I was ok with that. I would rather have a screening date than not. It's just better for all of us.

We went back and forth on emails. Amazing repore and she are so witty and cute. She sent some pics and wow. Everything was painless and handled very professionally. Her being a bit new to the business I expected a little sloppy. But she was amazing and professional.

Agreed on time. Agreed on place. She kept in touch through the week. Great touch. So refreshing when a girl does that.

The day finally arrived and I was super excited.

Went to agreed upon place. Easy text situation. Went to the room. Great hotel. Opened door and I were floored.

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