Review: Misty Morrison

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Posted: February, 2018 by CHAZZSTAR

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Session Location

San Diego, private

General Details

I'm on a mission as I've been recently divorced two years ago.

That being said, I am seeking discriminantly, for beautiful female

attention, and that I've found recently here in San Diego,

one of whom is Misty Morrison.

Misty M. is the exotic looking woman, whom you may have seen on the

silver screen, from the 40's, 80's, and currently; she's voluptuous, sexy, and gorgeous!

Misty's demeanor is sweet, affectionate, and pleasing, as she instantly

makes you feel at ease.

Upon arrival the passion in her is apparent and feels genuine.

Her beauty draws you in, as does her wit and immense intellect.

You must contact Misty, with Provider references on her Website and via email.

Her great private place is in San Diego, where there's hustle and bussle

however, once in her very nice, clean place, it's all soothing music, candles, and wine which

I accepted a glass.

Misty Morrison is definitely worth seeing, and is UTR for the most part.

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