Review: Miss Jasmine / Bella

TER ID: 293291

Posted: May, 2016 by NOTME

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I really liked her look from the pictures and also some of the past reviews so I put up with scheduling problems to see what she was like in person. Tried 3 different times to see her. Confirmed every time within 30 min of my arrival. The first time when I got to her hotel - I got crickets. I tried for a half hour to get her to reply and nothing. Left mad but tried again a week later. This time she scheduled me and when I got there she said she needed another hour because someone came by her room. I left but then she got rid of them and I returned. I liked her enough to repeat and a few weeks later same thing. 30 min confirmation, texted along the way, got room and hotel. Knocked and nothing. Crickets on the phone as well. Don't waste your time or at least have a backup! I'm 1 for 3 with her and will not see her again. My time is too valuable to play games. The one time I did have a session with her it was a good one. She was nice, looked good and performed.

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