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Posted: October, 2017 by GLADIATOR2010

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Well, I am delighted to write a few lines of this outstanding gem called Bella. It is my second review in TER although I have been in the hobby for few years. I do not like to post reviews because I feel encounters are very personal and kept to our selves and our memories. However, I am gonna make another exception with Bella because I feel that someone reading this post will be curious, intrigued and challenged to meet her. I was planning a business trip to SF, coming from the South East, and after a long flight decided to stay an additional night and enjoy the surroundings of this beautiful city, and why not, to have an special treat with a top notch provider. I am very much and almost exclusively into Eastern European girls, as in my opinion, they are the most beautiful women in earth. In her profile, it says she is Italian but I do believe she is a mix with another country. Anyways, I was lucky to have found the right woman and booked her for multiple hours. She was in town, and arranged for a time to meet at a local bar the evening prior to our rendezvous (her idea) since we both felt that a first meeting would put as at ease for next night. Actually, I wish most providers would offer this experience prior to an encounter, and this way preventing any disappointments on either side. Well, chemistry worked just fine and we were ready for a long meeting next evening-night. On the other hand, screening was easy after exchanging few e-mails prior to my trip. Next day, a fabulous encounter was about to happen and I am glad, it did. For non-vips, if you are like me into European models, non fake with beautiful natural assets and a great personality with a very good karma, do a favor to yourself, and do not miss the opportunity to meet this fabulous and outstanding woman

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