Review: Mina Banks

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Posted: November, 2015 by MIKEFRANKLIN123

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Beverly Hills

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TLDR: Met her a few days before thanksgiving. Was verified. EMAIL only, no phone. Incall in Beverly Hills. ALL NATURAL. Her ads say she's a C cup, but i honestly think they're more like a D. And again, yes, all natural. She's half asian actually, but it isn't too easily to tell. I think the eyes gave it away. Anyways, well worth your time fellas. She's friendly, polite, very very patient, romantic, open-minded, warm and just lovely. She's NOT into S&M. Just a heads up. (No i did NOT find this out by accident. I asked her beforehand. No spanking, no hair pulling. She likes ROMANCE. Be gentle. No late night appointments.

I reached out to her months ago, but due to money issues, and other scheduling conflicts, didn't get around to actually meeting up with her till just before Thanskgiving. I was fortunate enough that she was ever so patient. So Mina, if you're reading this, once again, thank you for your endless patience. You are a sweetheart

Anyways, she was able to verify me through another provider. After that, we discuss her open-mindedness and my fetish to be played out. She was all game and had an interesting outfit that i was dying to set her in. Which, if i may say so, looks very sexy on her.

After exchanges of emails, we set a date and an incall in Beverly Hills. We finally agreed on a time. She does prefer noon through early afternoon bookings. She was gracious enough to make an exception for me and met me outside of those hours.

On the morning of the appointment, i emailed her to let her know that i was going to jump into the shower and then i would head over. So i walk into her Beverly Hills incall, and she greets with a nice warm hug. As it was a particularly cold morning, she was bundled up. That's fine by me. It would prevent my eyes from mentally undressing her and allow us to focus on the conversation first.

We talked before moving to the bedroom. Before we got started, we talked a little bit more to get to know each other and i left the donation in the bathroom. We talked over the roleplay scenario. I Before she left to change into her sexy fishnet outfit, we kissed deeply and got a little touchy-feely. She walked back into the bedroom where the fun began....

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