Review: Mature Companion

TER ID: 72212

Posted: July, 2020 by PAPADEE

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Decatur, IL

General Details

I stumbled onto Mature Companion's (Angel) ad and was intrigued by her listed height of 6 feet. I'm 6'5, and have always wanted to be with a 6 foot tall woman. Plus she listed herself as a Domme, so I thought it was a good match. She wanted pre-pay in full which concerned me, but after reading reviews, it seemed that she was honest, at least about that. She's not 6 foot, probably 5'8. She wasn't Domme, more like self-centered/spoiled, as if I was there to please her. No attempt was made by her to even inquire about my desires, let alone fulfill them. She's shorter than advertised (although tall for a woman, just not 6 feet, let alone 5'10), bigger than expected (I'd say 200 lbs+), not personable, and overall not the mature companion I was seeking. Not my worst experience, but a huge disappointment based on expectations & the advertised presentation.

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