Review: Mature Companion

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Tour incall (hotel)

General Details

A first point on nomenclature: I had been looking at her website for a long time before our paths could cross. On her site, she's just "Mature Companion," while in correspondence she uses "Angel" as seen in several reviews in the past. I will refer to her as "MC."

Since the opportunity to see her in the area was long delayed compared to when I had decided on wanting to see MC, I was well prepared to do the prepayment that she required. Screening beyond that was pretty light, at least in terms of what she asked of me. We set up the day and time to meet. Communication beforehand was sufficient but not especially engaging.

I arrived at her hotel and entered her room. It was well used and comfortable. She had a lot of stuff about, as she travels a lot. This includes her dog in a covered crate.

She greeted me with a kiss and I washed my hands. She got on the bed, wearing some kind of nighty, and I cuddled in with her still clothed. We talked for a while getting to know each other. She has a no-nonsense, seen-it-all kind of personality.

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