Review: Marilyn Redd

TER ID: 346180

Posted: September, 2023 by BIPINKIE

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I found Marilyn via another escort's list of friends. I discovered on her website that she is willing to see a wide range of clientele. Since I'm not a cisgender guy this captured my attention. I also haven't seen an escort in a long time. Many of the escorts that I was interested in wanted two recent references, which I didn't have. Marilyn was a little more flexible in her verification.

I scheduled to see her early in September a few weeks in advance. Yet, an unforeseen financial emergency came up and I had to reschedule the appointment to late in September. I let her know that I had to reschedule a week prior to the appointment. Setting up a different time was simple and easy.

For those who are not VIP, she's well worth seeing.

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