Review: Marie Maine

TER ID: 169629

Posted: April, 2015 by HOMER12345

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She looks like the pics

Body-if you are looking for a flat stomach, waif type, shes not for you. Shes not beefy, but in my book Id call her solid.

You can look at her face on her site, its accurate.

Personality, well, let me put it like this, I dont think I ever met a girl for the first time that was as sweet, so lovable, well, you get the picture.

If we all decided to define GFE, she wins.

From the second you enter her room, she makes you feel extremely comfortable.

She doesnt overdo it, and after a quick shower, I wanted to see if she meant business.

Oh yeah, a few other details.

Tits-small c cup, not bad, natural, belly button jewerly, Id guess around early 30s, looks good, could pass for twenties.

Tush is full, not hard, not mushy, just full. I like ass, especially the kind I can sink my teeth into but there is still no cellulite or stretch marks.

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