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Posted: December, 2023 by ASSAGGIOFIORI

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Tyson's apartment

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My first time using this agency. It has a decent and comprehensive website, and provider availability for the week and times is posted on Sunday or Monday. The booker only does same day bookings, and screening for new customers is accomplished the day of. The screening process was professional and turn-around was quick. Made an appointment to see Maria for an hour on an early Friday evening. Text directions to a large, multi-building and very decent apartment complex were straight-forward. Because residents’ parking is carefully regulated, parking is a minor drill. The booker directs you to a particular garage. If you’re going after dark, I recommend allowing some extra time [all the units look pretty much alike- especially in the dark, as do all the covered garages, and parking is in a particular covered garage]. As others have pointed out, you call once parked, are directed to a particular room to get your parking pass, it’s handed to you, you go back down and put it in your windshield and then go back up. Seems complicated, but it’s not. Bottom line: I was not disappointed, and I’m happy to add another glowing review of this hot Latina.

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