Review: Maria Angela / Diane / SexySeaBeauty

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Posted: May, 2017 by BUENOPERRO

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Session Location

Auburn, ME

General Details

Super easy set up with phone call and a quick convo took care of screening. She sounded super nice and together. I was knocking on her upscale motel door in an hour.

As she stepped out from behind the door I was pleased to see a petite, thin, shapely brunette, in a hot thong and bra, exactly the "girl in the pictures". She welcomed me with a handshake! Which is unusual but it was so warm and real that it just felt natural and honest. We chatted and I jumped in the shower after dropping the donation on a table.

When I dried off and laid on the bed she wasted no time starting a back massage which was a nice gesture but since it wasn't relaxing or hot, I rolled over after a couple of minutes at which point things got going. She peeled off her lingerie a bit too quickly (I would have liked to play in her thong) but she was clearly eager to enjoy what she saw, and was literally chirping with anticipation. That's hot! Her tiny body is really cute, with a great round ass and perky A cup breasts. There was no doubt I was going to enjoy it. Everything was covered and we played a lot of games for a long, very enjoyable time, I recommend and will repeat.

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