Review: Mandy

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Posted: April, 2009 by MIKEYNYC

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What can i say about Mandy. I have been looking at her website for a while now. Reading her reviews, she joked that I was stalking her.. LOL. We emailed a bunch of times and can i tell you she is such a tease. We set a meeting up and continued the emails, foreplay I guess for a computer geek like me. She had me all figured out. I was nervous when i got to her place, and walked up the four floors. I knocked, and she answered. she was dressed like i asked in casual clothes like a girl friend. Mandy looks like every girl I ever wanted an was too shy to ask out. She greeted me with a kiss that made my knees weak. I worked all day and excused myself to the shower,leaving a nice card with a poem and gift in the table. I showered and go dressed again (this was my fantasy). When i exited the bathroom she was reading, could not tell what book, i may have asked but i don't remember. I felt something i have not felt in a while in my marriage... Romance, as she dropped her book and melted into my arms and we made out like teenagers. Our hands explored each others bodies.. I was so turned on. I don't remember much being said between us at this point, she slid down my body. My lips still wanted hers, but she had other plans for hers.. vips read on

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