Review: Lovely Lorena / Lorena De Leon

TER ID: 95224

Posted: February, 2018 by RADIOVOICE

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Session Location

Outcall Vegas

General Details

I had a short notice business trip that was having me drive through Las Vegas. I sent a request to my ATF Lorena to see if she could accommodate me for 2 hours. She responded a couple of hours later and said that the time frame would work for her. The next day, I set off in plenty of time to ensure I would not be late. I setup a quick reservation at my normal hotel. As is my custom, I met her at the valet and took care of the tip. We went inside and I led her to the bar, and was expecting to order her the normal Jack Daniels and have a little catch up time. To my surprise, she declined the drink. Without prying, I simply order both of us a none alcoholic beverage and sat down with her chatted bit to catch up. She made a comment when she saw the puzzled look on my face that she decided that she felt that making an intimate connection was much better without the drinks beforehand. Having seen her several times, I wondered if that would be possible…. All I can say is… Wow. The connection was off the charts! If you’ve never see Lorena, Run as fast as you can toward her. Run faster if you have seen her before!!!! She is even better… and I didn’t think that was possible. If you don’t go see her and experience one of the finest in the world, it’s your own fault!!!!

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