Review: Lovely Lorena / Lorena De Leon

TER ID: 95224

Posted: September, 2017 by RADIOVOICE

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Las Vegas

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I had seen Lorena previously and just had to make a return trip to see her. We had developed the chemistry needed for some sexual bonding and mutual satisfaction. (Which she is absolutely fantastic at creating this bond) She is a genuine pleaser! I contacted her ahead of time and setup 2 appointments with her. She is really easy to work with and does a great job of Communicating. Her beautiful long flowing black hair, dazzling eyes, and awesome firm body is an attraction that will never quite for me. Lorena has a heavenly body and knows how to use it. She is absolutely gorgeous. During my communication, I decided to let her know ahead of time that I had a fantasy that I’d like to play out and gave her the brief details in an email just in case…. She must have been a mind reader because she said “Leave everything to me.” She absolutely NAILED it. Non VIP’s – Go see here with confidence! You will not be disappointed!

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