Review: Lovely Lorena / Lorena De Leon

TER ID: 95224

Posted: August, 2017 by GREENFLASH1

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Another trip to Las Vegas, so another visit to see Lovely Lorena. Contacted her prior to my trip and she was as cordial and charming as ever. We arranged an appointment and I was very excited to see the lady of my dreams again. Met her at the valet and when she stepped out of her car, I was hypnotized by her beauty. I was in for a great night and my heart started beating faster. Hugged and went inside and found a bar to share a few drinks. Caught up on our lives, then headed to dinner for more intelligent conversation. She is a charmer and just great to be with. Finished dinner and then gambled on some machines and she is also my good luck charm! Won some money, then proceeded to head upstairs for more fun and games. We chatted for a while and gave her some gifts which I knew she would enjoy.

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