Review: Lily Adalene

TER ID: 314391

Posted: December, 2016 by JACKTHEDANDY

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West LA

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This girl is off the charts. Currently, she’s not running ads and didn’t show up on my TER radar. Luckily, I’ve made the right friends and the opportunity fell into my lap. I’m still a newbie and have stayed within the network of only a couple bookers, but I haven’t been disappointed. It may be beginner’s luck, or the market is just efficient and good providers set themselves apart.

My newest life hack is setting up a session before a big meeting. I go into those meetings, God Mode activated. I swear on the Triforce, sleep with a beautiful woman = promotion. Trust me.

Lily is gorgeous. She has an exotic look, sexy slim body, and youthful natural breasts. Between her sweet demeanor, and tight kitty, I found who I’ll be hibernating with in the winter. Setup a meeting with her, you won’t be disappointed. Read on...

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