Review: Lily Adalene

TER ID: 314391

Posted: March, 2017 by FLKEYSGUY

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Los Angeles

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My travels were taking me to LA much more than usual so I started checking P411 for someone that I could see on a regular basis there. I found some great choices and Lily came right to the to of the list. She was a great communicator and I thought I was going to have the favorite that I wanted in LA. Well, I was wrong. I have been super lucky with these ladies with most exceeding expectations. I try to see only the best. A couple of them deserve 11's for effort but TER won't allow My favorites are out of this word and I have found them all the same way thru TER and P411. She seemed awkward and timid when we finally met. (nothing likes she describes herself on her ads and website) So Vips and Non Vips I do not recommend................

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