Review: Laila Cruz

TER ID: 329421

Posted: November, 2022 by CHJ4U

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Cleveland Hotel

General Details

She was wonderful, and it was a great experience. I've seen her twice before already and it has gotten better and better. Knowing how good she is and what to expect simply improves the level of comfort, puts you at ease, and makes for a better experience. She did take a little time off this past summer, and she looked better than ever meeting me at the door dressed in sexy matching red lingerie, like in her pictures. She looked hot! And it was hugs and deep wet kisses as soon as I entered her hotel room. She is a young, petite AA lady with a hot body. I love how she looks from top to bottom, and most of all that nice ass. What makes her special on top of all this is that she doesn't rush, is easy to talk to, and is so adorable and kind.

I highly recommend her.

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