Review: Krystal James

TER ID: 105905

Posted: July, 2011 by BD2222

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Had the pleasure of meeting up with Krystal on my last visit, making an app. was easy and she arrived on time, looking as beautiful as ever, I met Krystal in the casino as my hotel required a key card to access the elevator, when the elevators doors closed Krystal jumped up on me wrapping her legs around me and giving me the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced, and to top it off it had seemed to be the slowest ride ever to my floor. as the doors opened we were greeted by other Vegas revelers, the cool part about this was that Krystal was not phased by it nor was I, as I carried her out and all the way to the room the whole time cupping her tight little ass as not to drop her, As the door opens VIP's read on

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