Review: Kristen Di Angelo

TER ID: 16940

Posted: March, 2012 by WOLVERINE3647

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My wife and I stumbled across Kristen's TER reviews, and subsequesntly her website, years ago. We fell in lust with her as soon as we opened the link to her Photo Gallery. Unfortunately for us, she is based out of San Francisco, and although she tours all over the country, she seemed to overlook Seattle, at least while whe were paying attention. Late last year we noticed that Kristen was scheduled to tour Anchorage, Alaska, and then southern California. We could think of no better place than Seattle for her plane to have a layover, so we took a chance, and shot off an email, hoping against hope, that we could set something up. Lo and behold, she replied that a Seattle encounter was doable, and that we should fill out her website's Contact Form. We did and a March date was requested.

Little thought was given to our March rendezvous, till her assistant Celeste called out of the blue to firm of the details. My wife and I arranged for a hotel room near the airport, so that Kristen could stop by for a 2-hour date, then drop off her rental car, and then conveniently catch her flight to OC. She turned out be about 15 minutes late (that stinking Seattle traffic), but Celeste always kept us abreast of her progress. Finally, there was a faint knock on the door, and dressed much like a striking executive, the lovely Kristen strolled through the door.

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