Review: Kristen Di Angelo

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Posted: December, 2013 by DDO

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I have been a member of TER for many years and had never written a review until recently. I came across a young woman that I thought was very special and wrote a review for her. After having done that, I thought that I really ought to also write a review for my All Time Favorite, Kristen DiAngelo. I have seen her every time she has been in Texas for the last 8 years, as well as, at least a dozen other cities across America. Probably 40 to 50 times. This may sound like a retrospective, but it is really a current review as I recently spent a weekend with her in Sonoma County in California.

Kristen is the quintessential Courtesan. Gorgeous, a delight to be around, totally focused on you when you are with her. She is physically amazing, she is in her 40's, but has the body of a woman in her early 30's with an extremely curvaceous feminine form. She exudes sensuality and is extremely intelligent, articulate, and grounded.

When I arrived at the cabin in Sonoma County that she had arranged for us............

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