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Posted: March, 2012 by ATYPICAL1

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Seattle WA

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I can't say I've met a more determined spirit in all my years partaking this wonderfully seductive hobby we choose to explore from time to time. My appointment with Kristen was set several weeks in advance when she first announced a visit to the Seattle area for perhaps the final time on her farewell tour. It was an event I could not miss and the anticipation was building. Her departing flight from the great white north encountered some not insignificant weather anomalies and her flight into town could have been delayed for a day. Possibly canceling our arranged time. She would not allow this unexpected impediment to foreshorten this particular trip, and found another harrowing flight that brought her into town in time. But the adventure would not end there.

While Kristen may have safely arrived in our Emerald City, her luggage unfortunately did not. Marooned on the original flight now delayed until well after our appointment duration. With a nod from me to push back our start time an hour she set about the shops downtown to acquire the necessary ingredients for our date. Hitting the drug stores for safety and pleasure supplies. The department stores for appropriate attire and hosiery. Grabbing some dinner and leaving enough preparation time to be her best. Her assistant kept me apprised of the situation as needed so I had no concerns about Kristen's efforts directed toward our upcoming time.

It is often said you can discern someone's character by their reaction to adversity. Here was Kristen settled in Seattle with nothing but the clothes she wore on the flight. A very disconcerting flight as she would later relate. We had never met and our only rapport was established through emails. The easy thing she could have done was to stay behind with her luggage and arrive a day late, likely canceling our appointment. She made a deliberate decision not to allow circumstances to derail our plans. Having been on the receiving end of appointment cancellations on other trivial grounds I was just immensely impressed by her determination. As much stature as she has garnered over the years as a top flight courtesan, my admiration and estimation of her rose appreciably for this episode.

When the newly agreed upon time approached I strolled into the cool night toward her hotel. There was a great sense of nervous energy for me as I neared the location. A fluttering heartbeat that I had not encountered previously. Having read over her reviews. Having traded emails over the intervening weeks. Having an extra hour to ponder everything she had done that day. It was such a buildup I wanted to slow down the expectations game running through my mind. And when Celeste called to say she was ready to receive me, it was a nervous calm that struck me. Strolling briskly past the registration desk to the elevator banks with purpose, I punched up her floor and watched the numbers count up to the date with my awaiting angel.

Upon arriving at the door to heaven I unzipped my jacket and knocked ever so firmly. When it slowly opened I made my way over to the desk chair quickly to hang it up before turning around in rapturous embrace of my Kristen. A very deep kiss was engaged. Some tongue teasing. Some sweet swallowing. Some very expressive hands roaming. Some very intimate hugging. You're in my arms at last my Kristen. :-) She remembered my preferences and did a wonderful job improvising her attire. A short one-piece neck strap red dress and black nylons. We sat on the bed and I listened to her regale the events of the day while keeping close and affectionate contact throughout. There was no doubt she was here for me. How can you not feel like a million bucks when this beautiful creature goes through such tribulation on your behalf?

Non-VIPs I truly hope you have the opportunity to meet this endearing angel before this rich chapter of her life is closed. VIPs follow me into the rabb

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