Review: Kivina

TER ID: 309435

Posted: October, 2016 by SKIBUM_IN_NY

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Session Location

Stamford - Stamford Hotel

General Details

I saw Kivina's ad and she looked fantastic. She has a personal website and she has a profile on an agency website both web sites have plenty of eye candy. Checked her reviews, all positive, all said photos were real, so I emailed her, then texted her, since her ad says text only. First she told me she was all booked in Stamford, then she got back to me and told me she's staying another 2 weeks, so I set a date. She likes communication, told me to text her the day before, then the morning of the date to confirm. She gave me her upscale Stamford hotel, I arrived on time, she had me wait about 10 min, then texted me her room number. I entered the room, and there she was, a tall, thin Russian blonde in a skimpy black dress. Non VIP's - she's a keeper!

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