Review: Kitty Rains

TER ID: 259694

Posted: January, 2017 by WILL.SHAKE.SPEAR

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Session Location

Hotel Incall on Strip

General Details

Obama in the streets and Osama in the sheets, Kitty is the best bang since the big one.

The many pictures on her site give a great idea of what she looks like. Which is why I was surprised by how conventional she looked when I met her in the hotel lobby. Pretty, but all the ink (except her knuckles) out of sight, even her neck tattoo concealed by her nicely coiffed hair. And that's kind of symbolic of her - one women, lots of facets, all good.

The session itself was awesome. Intense, skillful, warm, high energy and with some great conversation.

If you are interested, check out her pictures and make sure you are OK with the look. And if you are, see her. I can promise you an incredible experience.

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