Review: Kitty Rains

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Las Vegas Strip Hotel Suite

General Details

I had communicated with Kitty a few times over the course of 2 or 3 previous Vegas trips but each time I had hoped to meet, things came up preventing me from meeting her. Alas, good things come to those who wait and after waiting long enough, it came time for another trip to her neck of the woods/desert. This time out, I contacted her reintroducing myself and quickly heard back that she remembered our previous effort and would be happy to meet. We set a date and, at last, the stars were aligned just right for us to meet. She text me a few hours before our meeting and then again when she was on her way to the hotel and up the elevator. Once I responded to the door knock announcing her arrival, I was speechless for a few seconds as she entered looking stunning in her new red hair and knock-out dress. Once I recovered my voice, hellos were exchanged and our time continued on splendidly. Kitty is amazing in many ways in and out of the bedroom, fun and easy to talk to, and I will definitely be seeing her in the future.

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