Review: Kira Suzuki

TER ID: 386912

Posted: November, 2023 by JOHNSONINHER

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Session Location

Her incall hotel

General Details

I was looking for a hot Asian and came across Kira’s profile during her visit/tour. She does her advertising through an agency which makes screening easier and responses more prompt. Got on her schedule to be her first appointment upon arrival. Kira and I exchanged some emails and texts in the days before our date. She was sweet, cheerful, and very inviting. She asked if I had any wardrobe preferences which I thought was a thoughtful and stimulating way to exchange thoughts. Certainly made me more excited to see her.

Her flight was delayed due to weather so we had to start 15 minutes later. No problem. I waited in the lobby of her hotel. Turned out that the elevators required key access so Kira had to come down to get me. She came down wearing a business suit and holding a tablet so the setup looked very professional. I was immediately struck by her smile, sexy eyes, and long black hair. We chatted going up the elevator and upon entering her room. She was very friendly, positive, and appreciative of the fruit tray that I brought to her. In short, I would highly recommend Kira for a pleasant and seductive date. Great manners and high energy.

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