Review: Kimber Rose

TER ID: 310657

Posted: December, 2017 by TIREDOFTINDER

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Session Location

Hoover, Alabama (says dallas for some reason)

General Details

Kimber is an islander, so she has beautiful caramel skin. She would be a spinner if not for the curves and RIDONKULOUS ass. Short, not much over 5ft if at all. Tone everywhere. When I saw the ass is ridonkulous.... its big... and its nice... and its so hard you can hurt yourself. Like not even kidding. I could barely even squeeze it. She definitely does squats bro. Amazing tits. I actually thought they were man mades and she told me later that they were quite real. I LOVED LOVED LOVED her nipples. She also has the biggest DSL's I've ever seen and boy does she know how to use them. Nice package guys, for real.

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