Review: Kendra Sunderland

TER ID: 315541

Posted: December, 2017 by DONDRAPER2015

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Session Location

Studio City, CA

General Details

An absolute dream come true. I would rate her higher if TER would let me.

It was incredibly easy to communicate with the woman who handles her bookings. I was screened professionally and quickly, the booker handled most of the initial communication and then Kendra took over the communication the day before, confirming the date, location, etc. Kendra was also really great with communication - something I find to be a bit of a rarity.

Kendra arrived on time at my out-call hotel, looking absolutely stunning. She is tall, and just as gorgeous in person as she is in her pictures/videos, honestly maybe even better looking. We had a great chat for about 15 minutes, she's really easy to talk to, very down to earth and present and charming. I could have talked to her the whole time, it was that pleasant. Then she asked me "what do you like?" She was almost a tiny bit shy with this (which only made her cuter), and we had a brief chat about what we both like in the bedroom. Then she went to the bathroom to change, came back, and she was definitely not shy when it came to the main event...One of the best experiences I've ever had, I would absolutely repeat.

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