Review: Kendra Sunderland

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Posted: September, 2017 by DEVS

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Los Angeles, CA

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Kendra is my favorite porn star, and has been since I found out she started doing porn. I remember when she made the news for camming in a library, and at that moment I became a fan, waiting years for more from her.

So I was delighted when I discovered that I could have the opportunity to actually met her in person.

She arrived wearing a tight fitting dress that advertised her ample cleavage. As we chatted a bit, I was overjoyed to find that we shared enough chemistry that I would get to indulge in my greatest fantasy ever.

I have never met a woman I've desired more than Kendra. I realize that has a lot to do with her media presence in the last few years, and my personal fantasies of her, and my personal tastes which make her particular combination of sexy attributes seemingly exactly what I want.

My fantasy wasn't some hedonistic action packed eight-position porn in my head. It was just that I wanted to spend time with this particular wonderful young lady and do things I had done with other ladies, but this time with her.

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