Review: Kendra Cole

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Posted: May, 2023 by ARKANOID

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It's not every day - or every month - that a bonafide pornstar comes into my town and if they ever do, it's usually for a brief time. In the case of this porn starlet Kendra Cole, she had been advertising FMTY for a while, when suddenly she was just here. I almost missed it as she was only here for two days and I noticed the ad on her last day in town. Reached out via email with references in advance, booker was quick to respond, asked a couple of follow-up questions then Kendra herself was sending me the emails, asking me what my favorite scene with her was. That was a little difficult to pick so I mentioned a few, one of them being a personal favorite of hers but it sounded like the production company who filmed it barely promoted it.

Thankfully, I didn't get hit with too many nerves here since I reached out only about an hour and half before the meet up time; I got off of work, got to her hotel and tried not to sprint my way up to her room, knocked and behind the door was the smoking hot and ultra petite Kendra Cole herself. For non-VIP, would highly recommend.

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