Review: Keisha

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Posted: May, 2016 by CABBNJ

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Keisha has been somebody I wanted to meet for some time. I decided to treat myself and reached out through her website. You can simplify and ease the entire process by filling out the appointment form. Her assistant, Heather, contacted me quickly and told me I was approved. I received a thorough email with the address and some specific rules that were easy to follow.

I arrived at her location and was let in. She was behind the door and when I saw her, she was every bit as beautiful as you see her in her movies. Very friendly and welcoming. I took off my shoes at the door, went in and took the required shower, put on a robe and met her in her bedroom.

Keisha has a routine with the first meeting, but it is so worth doing. I could easily impoverish myself by seeing her regularly, so she will remain a special treat, but trust me when I say she is definitely a special treat!

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