Review: Keisha

TER ID: 9371

Posted: January, 2018 by BULLDOG7852

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Keisha has been on my radar for a while. She advertises a special for two hours that seemed like a great way to spend time with a legend in a relaxed setting. Emailed her that I was going to be in town and her assistant provided me with the information for booking the appointment and locking in the date and time I wanted. The day of the meeting I was provided her address and I took GPS for a to her in call location in Tarzana. Once I got there she told me she was running a bit late but would be ready shortly and I waited patiently in the parking lot of her codo play room. Once she called to tell me she was done I walked as instructed till I saw a her waiving me towards some steps to follow to her apartment. Once inside the fun began.

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