Review: Kaylie

TER ID: 139738

Posted: January, 2023 by LOMEZ33

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Newport News, Va

General Details

I had noticed Kaylie for some time as a very well-reviewed mature provider. I passed on screening information and we quickly settled on a time and place. I will say this - her communications were among the best I have ever seen. Keeping in touch, reminding me of the date, little notes on she was looking forward to it. She should be a model for everyone out there. Beecause of that, I was considerably less nervous than usual when I met her. She came down to get me (it was one of those elevator key card deals), greeted me with a big smile, and we were off to the races. She definitely is a veteran and is a tiny thing - maybe 100 pounds but it is all dynamite and she knows her stuff. Highly, highly recommended.

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