Review: Kayla

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Posted: November, 2014 by CHADAWAY

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I have watched Kayla's ads for a LONG time. I wanted to, then I didn't; I then wanted to go, then decided not to. It seemed like this never ending cycle. So many things in her other review seemed great, and some too good to be true. Well, I finally had a few extra bucks and I decided to go for it. Got her on the first try and set the appointment. She ran late but I was finally able to arrive. When she opened the door, it was so weird...I was glad I was there, but at the same time, I sort of wished I hadn't called. Nothing against her, she looked good for her age and her tit's are huge...just like the pics. I guess I spent so much previous time wanting to call her I think I got used to the fantasy idea, that when it was reality, it just let a little air out of the sail. But...who could resist. I proceeded. Non VIP, I'm pretty sure you'll be happy if you get to see her.

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