Review: Katie Coltman

TER ID: 299666

Posted: January, 2018 by TGRACCHUS99

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I had never been with a pro before and it had been a long time since I had been with anyone, so I was nervous. Katie took care of all that. She's a very sweet girl and I was lucky to get her.

We met in the hotel bar after she texted me the night before and said that I could only get upstairs with a key card. She was a little late (Issues with a tanning session, I think) but I didn't mind. After waiting at the bar for a half hour, I got a text saying that she was coming down and asking if she should dress reasonable or slutty. I suggested reasonable but I mentioned I'd been interested in seeing what she considered slutty. So she split the difference and went with reasonable slut attire (her word).

After about 10 additional minutes she came into the bar. Her hair was different than what I had seen from her pictures online. She laughingly said she had gotten it all chopped off. It was definitely shorter than I normally like but it worked for her. She's very short which I absolutely loved though. I have a thing for short girls even though I'm fairly tall. So on that note we finished our drinks and went upstairs.

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