Review: Kate Frost

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Posted: October, 2013 by SADNESSACERY

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I have wanted to see Kate for a long time and was so glad that our travel plans crossed in Denver recently. I contacted Kate via e-mail and was quickly screened by her agent, Sammy. Sammy and I communicated frequently and I was provided Kate’s hotel information on the morning of our date. The typical two-call system had me at Kate’s room, where I arrived with champagne for our two-hour session. When Kate opened the door, I was not disappointed. Kate was wearing a black bra and panty set with black stockings and heels, the perfect look with her blonde hair and complexion. She gave me a big hug and a kiss and commented on my height, saying the Sammy told her I was tall, which she said she liked. Kate asked that I take a quick shower and I gladly complied, opening the champagne after I left the shower.

Non-VIPs, Kate is wonderful. She is ideal mix of naughty and nice with a fantastic body. If you have the opportunity, you will enjoy your decision to see her. VIPs, read on…

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