Review: Kate Frost

TER ID: 37992

Posted: January, 2015 by MUSCULARBEAST

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I have enjoyed her porn for a while now. I believe she is one of the best and the most natural looking women on the screen. She is not fake like Jenna Jameson and you can see her as a real person which adds to her persona.

When I was in NY I called her assistant and tried to book. It was my last night in NY and was leaving the next evening after my meeting. I was disappointed to hear that she will not be able to do the same day. Then I arranged for someone else to meet me and it was an hour later that I got a call from her assistant saying that she could do a late night 11:00 pm appointment. I canceled my earlier appointment as I knew I may not be able to see her ever again.

I short she was beyond expectations. I will repeat if I could but it would be a very long shot.

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