Review: Kasia Kaoir

TER ID: 251318

Posted: March, 2012 by TOUGHPIE

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Ms K likes to stay at a very nice boutique hotel, that has a great bar and restaurant.

she is very tall and slender but looking strong and powerful also. Thin but muscular.

I have seen her numerous times and it gets better each time. She plays the dominate role with me. I have to bring the wine,

we greet each other, I am told to get undressed and expose myself and open the wine and serve it to the most beatiful woman i've ever been with. The drinking of the wine is our time for mental foreplay as she makes me answer her inquiring intimate questions and she remembers the answers from session to session. I'm hard as a rock just holding my glass of wine. Wham Bamm is not her style (and man does she have style). If you wish to know how much style and want to visit a unique provider who gives you a thrill that last longer than a few hours I recommend her to your must-do list. For the very jusy details --vip's read on.......

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