Review: Kasia Kaoir

TER ID: 251318

Posted: October, 2012 by BIG01MIKE

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Session Location

Upscale Long Island Hotel

General Details

I had read some of Kennedy's reviews here on TER before and was always intrigued about the NuRu Slide that was described in her reviews. I was searching TER one day I saw that she would be visiting here on Long Island. I contacted her by email and received a wonderful reply from her. Just based on our correspondence I could tell she was an intelligent, friendly and accommodating young woman. We agreed on a date and time to meet. The day of the appointment I received a call from Kennedy directing me to the Hotel and directions on how to contact her once I was there. I was her first appointment for the day, and all I can say is I think it just heightened the experience. She was staying at a Luxury Hotel here on Long Island, and called her when I reached the parking lot. I called and she provided the room number. I knocked at her door it opened with her out of sight. When I got in I was delighted at the wonderful young woman in the room. Kennedy immediately gave me a nice hug, and kiss on the cheek. I felt comfortable with her right from the very beginning. We proceeded to have some light conversation, and she sat alongside of me to describe how the session would proceed. I knew I was in for a wonderful experience. And boy was I right!!

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