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I've been seeing Kennedy almost a year now and can't seem to get enough of her. She is a tall dark beauty, who is very intelligent and very easy to talk with. We definitely have a nice connection. I first met her in Manhattan at her studio, a nicely decorated immaculate apartment for a massage. When I knocked on the door and she opened it, I was very happy to see such a beautiful woman. A dark chocolate fantasy with a very sexy & sophisticated English accent. She immediately invited me in and Once I was inside she had me take my shoes off and made sure I was very quiet, so not to disturb the neighbors, discretion is the up most importance to her, which I definitely understand. She had me wash my hands and made sure I was germ free, I would always come clean and fresh anyway, but I had no problem doing that. I could see this woman was very anal, which I like, I think it is a turn on. We will visit the anal issue later!!......... for VIP only!

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