Review: Kali

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Posted: July, 2017 by EDDIE2843

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Session Location

Upper West Side her apartment

General Details

After reading reviews of providers in my area of Manhattan, I finally narrowed it down. I always liked mature women, and that clinched it for me: Kali was perfect.

Setting up an appointment at her Upper West Side studio was simple enough. I called and left a voicemail. She returned the call. I made the appointment for the next day, around 6 pm after work. On the day of, I texted her and asked if she'd wear lingerie -- a merry widow, garter belt, spike heels, etc. She never replied, so I thought she thought it was too much of a bother. Boy was I wrong. Also, I should add that it was an extremely hot day and I had a little trouble finding her place (my fault, I got turned around after taking the subway to her stop).

She's an older provider, experienced and quite sexy looking for her age. She was also in excellent shape, with one of the best pairs of breasts I have ever enjoyed. She was amazing.

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