Review: Jordyn and Junior

TER ID: 314360

Posted: June, 2017 by ED228

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I sent Jordan a email and she responded quickly and then few phone conversation , I explained I live in the Bay Area and she said they would be happy to set something up with me , about 3 weeks later I'm at there door step and out comes this beautiful petite blond with her handsome husband , WOW Jordan is so Hot and what a body she has . They invited me in and after some small talk they asked what I would like to do , and they said it sounds like fun so off we went to there bed room where the fun begins. I had a hard time taking my eyes off of Jordan while she got undressed because she is such a hottie. Junior lays on his back on the bed and Jordan positions herself on the bed with her beautiful butt is in the air and then I started to kiss her beautiful

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