Review: Jessica Scott

TER ID: 304843

Posted: October, 2017 by HOBBYGUY253

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Session Location

philadelphia, pa

General Details

Travelling to Philadelphia with a few hours to spare in the meeting schedule, I found Jessica listed on the TER top 10 providers list. She now resides at the top of my list. Connecting over email a week in advance and verification with a reference check was painless. After a short stroll from City Center, she greeted me in her apartment in a little black dress and heels, oozing a playful sexiness, glowing in the midday sunlight. Our first tender kiss soon grew more urgent with tongue and roaming hands on the couch.

She is the beautiful blond who caught your eye in the grocery store as you followed her suggestive butt swaying down the aisle, and she is an insatiable lover with skills that will exceed expectations.

I look forward to visiting Jessica again and if you treat her well, she returns the favor in dividends.

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