Review: Jessica Anderson

TER ID: 135903

Posted: December, 2017 by MODESTRABBIT

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Session Location

Gorgeous West LA Apartment

General Details

I arrived at her apartment 10 min early and was amazed by the location. After her security protocol (which was easy btw), I was buzzed in and proceeded to walk down to her apartment. Once she opened the door and walked in I was greeted with a hug and kiss by a young beautiful European blonde. Her place is very upscale and clean. I requested her attire be a short flowy dress with pink lingerie underneath and she wore just that. She looked absolutely yummy lol. I brought her some Moet (her favorite) and we shared it over some conversation on her comfy couch. As we conversed we rubbed each others legs and my God.. she has the smoothest skin ever! She sat on the couch teasingly in such a way that her dress was hiked up ever so slightly revealing her pink panties underneath. This drove me crazy. We started to LFK which led to DFK and her moaning against my lips. She told me she loved the way I kissed, put her champagne down and began to straddle me. VIPs read on for the juicy details!...

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