Review: Jeslyn Cantrell

TER ID: 99250

Posted: March, 2021 by ROS4260

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Came across Jeslyn's website and was intrigued by her and that she covered Sarasota. She couldn't meet on my first requested date but when I inquired about the next day she made several moves to accommodate my time-frame and in the process procure a hotel room locally. She arrived a bit late coming from Tampa due to a traffic but when I saw her walking across the parking lot blond hair flying in a short green low cut dress and matching 6" matching shoes which left nothing to the imagination I knew I would be in for a fun evening. I would have loved to see the look on the desk clerks face when she walked in but I'm sure it made his day. In five minutes she came down to give me a key and I went up 5 minutes later.

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