Review: Jasmine Love

TER ID: 68301

Posted: March, 2018 by ACTAEON

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I saw Jasmine's ad on the TER discussion boards. I was intrigued by her looks and reviews. Her twitter made me laugh and motivated me to send and email since my bat phone was at home. She replied within an hour and we set an approximate time for our date pending a phone call. She directed me to her general neighborhood and I hit the road. During my ride we connected over the phone and I was pleased with our connection. We chatted about a number of subjects and made a connection. It felt like I was on a date. She was really interesting. One of the things I liked about Jasmine is that she really felt safe and sane. I often worry that the provider may be taking chances or may have clients that tip off the hotel and force them to notify Uncle LEO. It is would be just my luck to be the next man in. Jasmine made me feel safe. I texted her once I got to her high end hotel and headed up to the floor. She gave me the room number as I was on my way up. She answered the door an revealed a sexy one piece that featured her magnificent breasts. I was thrilled. I dropped the donation on the dresser while we chatted a bit and she got situated. Jasmine offered me a drink but I didn't want to get distracted. We laughed about me losing my phone in the lobby and she distracted me with a sexy wet kiss. Jasmine is a great kisser. She slipped her top down to reveal her breasts and move to her knees to take out my cock. There is something amazing about a woman on her knees meeting your cock. VIPs read on... I will repeat in a heartbeat.

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