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5 star Strip hotel

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I've seen Jan a few times over the past several years. We're roughly the same age, with some things in common around life experiences, so from the beginning the rapport was very natural, very easy. And she's a genuinely nice, grounded person.

Now, that's not the entirety of who she is. My tastes, physically, are mostly -- though not always -- towards women who are my contemporaries, curvy and enjoy a good laugh. She is all three. And to my eyes, she's a *great* looking woman. *Very* pretty face and a figure that always has me daydreaming. Couple that with a personality that easily transitions from, say, talking about our families to dropping dirty innuendos non-stop and you've got someone who is great company. Some of my most enjoyable times with her have been lingering for hours over drinks & nibbles. But she is fun in other ways too. She's good people. And she is majorly sexy. Read on...

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