Review: Isabella Portia Porsche

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Posted: December, 2011 by ANGUSAWL

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I was in NYC for one evening only and for a single meeting in the morning and heading back after late afternoon. I called the number and talked with Gabriel - as nice as a phone assistant as you can talk to. Wanted to know which would be better, late night or lunch time the next day. He said it did not matter, so, I said I would call back the next evening when I got into town and though it would be late there would be no problem.

I got to my room about 10 pm and almost decided not to call. But, I know I would regret it after looking at Kat's photos one more time. I called and Gabriel said the 11 would be good and gave me directions to the building and told me to call for unit # when I got there. Gabriel is so nice...

Guys - Kat is absolutely the gal in the photos. She has an amazing accent and actually looks younger than her photos (how many times do you hear the here. It had been raining and I was very wet even with an umbrella. She showed me in and I left the donation.

Very comfortable setting - candles and incense... Just a bit warm for me, but I new it would get hotter.

I will definitely see this gal the next time I am in NYC (I thought about repeat the next day at lunch) - I will recommend without hesitation - VIP read on...

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