Review: Isabella Angeline

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Posted: December, 2012 by FRUBY

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I had been wanting to see Bella since I first became aware of her in May of a year ago. Unfortunately, she had not visited Philly since then. We exchanged several emails and she finally agreed to make a side trip to our fine city.Bella is very diligent in answering emails, and the arrangements were worked out completely, well in advance of our meeting.

She chose a luxury hotel in center city and had breakfast waiting for me when I arrived for our early morning appointment. She was dressed modestly but some beautiful professional young woman that you might be meeting for breakfast. It was easy to see, however, that, undeneath the understated apparel, there resided a very sexy body to complement the lovely face.

After a hug and a light kiss, we sat down for some morning coffee and food, while conversing easily. I know it's customary for everyone to report on the companions' intelligence and conversational skills, but, believe me, this is one sharp young woman, and I was very impressed.....almost forgetting the main purpose of my visit....almost.

After some time, and one coffee refill, I asked to take a shower, and when I came out in my hotel-supplied bathrobe....

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