Review: Ines

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Posted: April, 2019 by BEAUMINDS

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I had a stopover possibility in Munich and contacted the agency. They recommended Ines, and after seeing her photos and reading a bit about her, I made the booking. I highly recommend Ines and will see her again as soon as my travel plans permit. She is the complete package and everything I want in a date - she is stunningly beautiful, intelligent and a pleasant GFE companion with an enthusiastic sex drive that made our date wonderful in so many ways.

When Ines walked into my hotel room, I knew I had made the right choice. She was stunningly beautiful with a beautiful slender body. She was comfortably and elegantly dressed in a way that emphasized her beautiful ass and long lovely legs. Very soon room service arrived with a light dinner and we opened the Prosecco and got to know each other while sitting together on the sofa sharing our food like old friends. Not surprisingly, Ines is a model. But what is surprising is how friendly she is and how much I enjoyed talking with her. Sometimes models can be a bit aloof, but with Ines I felt like I was reconnecting with a past girlfriend. It was so enjoyable having a great conversation with such a lovely woman that before I knew it we had talked for over two hours – my choice entirely.

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